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His availability on nights and weekends allows him to get to work on your case as quickly as possible. Your needs don't stop when the workday ends, so neither does he. I believe everyone has rights before, during, and after an arrest. 

With extensive trial and appellate experience, you can trust my firm. Dante is a fearless defense attorney who can provide a unique perspective and an expansive support network in this critical time.

he's a career defense attorney who believes everyone has rights before, during, and after an arrest.

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The Best Defense is a Good Offense - Hire the Firm that Does Both.

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With us, you're in great hands. We will work with the prosecutor's office to get discovery, review issues, keep you informed, and keep you updated with court dates and progress on your case. You will have our guidance and advice through the whole process until your case reaches a resolution.

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No two cases are ever the same. We will give you a quote for your unique situation and can work with you to develop a payment plan, if necessary.

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Facing criminal charges and possibly losing your liberty is a very scary place to be; don't risk not having the right team on your side. With our extensive experience in every step of the criminal process, Matlock Dominguez can handle any case, but our relationships are what sets us apart. We take the time to really get to know our clients and we care about them. When the prosecutor or Judge is just looking at a name on a page, we want to tell them who you are. Hire us to tell your story and fight for you.

Free consultations, payment plans, and weekend availability keeps us one step ahead of competition.

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