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always stay one step ahead of the State's motives, anticipating their next move. Our unique experiences and complimentary skillsets spanning from trial work to appeals in state and federal court allow us to work tirelessly and creatively with you to share your side of the story and win back your rights.

We are not your average Criminal Defense Attorneys. With backgrounds in rhetoric, writing, and paralegal studies, our team is nothing short of creative and resourceful in our cases. Over the last 14+ years, we built relationships with behavioral experts, private investigators, and prosecutors to

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Matlock Dominguez, pllc

Dante has never worked as a prosecutor and never will. He has experience defending persons charged with white collar crimes, federal and state drug charges, federal and state sex crime charges, and a wide variety of intoxication offenses. Dante also has experience in post-conviction proceedings and has worked to overturn multiple convictions. He has argued for his clients before state and federal appellate courts.

When not working, Dante spends time with his family and has run seven marathons. Prior to his legal career he was a stage actor in Austin, Texas. He graduated from St. Mary's School of Law (2014) and Texas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2005) and Masters in Legal Studies (2011).

Dante Dominguez, JD

With a JD from South Texas College of Law in Houston and seven years of a Prosecutor's Perspective, Erica is able to know the State's motives and next moves to stay ahead and has developed a no-nonsense reputation that allows her to press hard and work quickly for her clients.

Raised by both a lawyer and police officer, prosecution was an early natural fit for Erica. She has prosecuted for three different counties, handled hundreds of cases and trials, worked with law enforcement, trained officers, created policies, and lectured college courses.

After 7 years, she has found that Criminal Defense suits her quite well. She brings logic and empathy to her clients, and they can take comfort knowing she knows the system and will work faithfully inside and outside of the courtroom.

Erica Matlock, JD

Our clients' needs don't stop at 5:00 pm or on Fridays, so neither do we. Despite being in Court often, we are always available to our clients. If we cannot answer your call immediately, you can text and email us so that we can connect quickly.

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We offer free consultations where we will discuss the current accusations, bond status, criminal history, and hopes for disposition. We will then generate a flat fee rate and payment plan option depending on your unique situation.

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We have practiced in counties all over the State and have a statewide network of resources to assist in building your defense. Our combined 14+ years of experience and a unique Prosecutor's Perspective allows us to stay one step ahead of the State's motives.

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Who you are is not where you've been. Let us defend your rights with our arsenal of resources & experience.

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