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Our combined 14+ years of experience in areas of case preparation, legal research, motions filing and arguing, jury selection, trial, mitigating evidence, experts, and appeals allows us to build an arsenal and statewide network of resources to build your defense.

we have a statewide network of resources to assist in building your defense.

Effective & Persuasive Defense

White collar crimes refers to a broad variety of non-violent financial crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, extortion, etc. These crimes can be charged at both the State and Federal levels and can come with a wide range of penalties.

White Collar Crimes

Sexual Assault and Child Crimes are among the most serious accusations you can be facing. As a society in the last decade, we’ve seen a drastic escalation of sexual assault or misconduct accusations; and we have many clients that have placed their faith in us to handle these cases for them. We have relationships with behavioral experts, private investigators, and polygraph examiners to help us get to the truth in your case. With all the resources the State has, make sure your attorneys have their own arsenal to fight for you. 

Sexual Assault and Child Crimes

Dante has extensive appellate experience, including writs, motions for new trial, and actual innocence cases. He has experience in State and Federal appellate courts, including numerous oral arguments. If you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted, call us today to get justice.


Erica specializes in violent crimes, and has prosecuted thousands of assault and domestic violence cases over three counties. She also founded the Domestic Violence Bureau in Corpus Christi, which gives her insider access to experts and law enforcement involved in these crimes.

Assault and Family Violence

Intoxicated Driving and Possession cases can escalate from a simple misdemeanor offense to a felony charge quickly. We will sift through the evidence and uncover policing mistakes to determine whether your rights were violated. Convictions in these cases can have long-lasting effects legally and financially; and poor judgment in resolving a minor case can have devastating consequences down the road. In addition to resolving the legal issues in these cases, we have extensive experience with substance abuse experts and treatment facilities. We believe substance abuse and addiction are health issues that need to be treated, not defects of personality. We have experience connecting clients with resources and treatment options whether private or state-funded.

DWI and Drug Offenses

When someone is put on probation, they agree to adhere to a set of conditions. If the State thinks you violated even one of those conditions, they can issue a warrant for arrest without even telling you. If you believe you may have a warrant for your arrest or if you have been arrested and are facing revocation of your probation, call us. We will investigate into the Prosecutor’s allegations and see if your probation revocation is necessary or legal.

Motions to Revoke Probation

We also handle common class C misdemeanors including traffic tickets, pubic intoxication, possession of drugs, minor in consumption, and minor in possession.

Traffic Tickets & Class C Misdemeanors

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